Category: Meditation

19 Jul, 2021

How To Avoid Stroke

If you have suffered a stroke, ask your doctor what type of activity is safe for you. Ask your doctor to calculate your body mass index (BMI) and tell you if you are healthy. If you have a health condition, your doctor may prescribe statins or other drugs to control cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood […]
16 Nov, 2020

Health Benefit Of Meditation

One of the most vital links between meditation and health is the ability to reduce stress, which can trigger or exacerbate several serious illnesses, including depression, anxiety, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and even heart attack. Studies have shown that mindfulness meditation helps improve sensory pathways in the brain that help control emotions and increase tolerance […]
14 Oct, 2020

How To Meditate Effectively And Focus Better

Meditation is and what it is all about: meditation focuses on attention, gaining consciousness, and observing the experience without judgment. When we meditate, we can focus on meditation techniques such as sitting, walking, or focusing our attention back on ourselves. However, when we work with our minds, attention is not focused on the simple task […]