28 Feb, 2021

Activity Plan For Those Who Lost Their Jobs

Millions of people worldwide have lost their jobs and have been terrified by the COVID 19 pandemic. At the same time, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by uncertainty about when and how the economy will recover and who will find work. Although this crisis is widespread and unprecedented, we should not feel responsible for […]
28 Feb, 2021

Career Change Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

The biggest mistake we make is simply to rush into a career change without giving it serious thought. Many people simply look at their jobs and respond to them without adequately analysing their abilities in terms of the new path. Here are some mistakes we can make and how to help you avoid them. The […]
16 Nov, 2020

Health Benefit Of Meditation

One of the most vital links between meditation and health is the ability to reduce stress, which can trigger or exacerbate several serious illnesses, including depression, anxiety, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and even heart attack. Studies have shown that mindfulness meditation helps improve sensory pathways in the brain that help control emotions and increase tolerance […]
15 Oct, 2020

Managing Your Health And Fitness When Working From Home

Dr. Kishore Kumar, a leading consultant psychologist at Fortis Healthcare who has also worked with my Upchar, suggests how to keep your mental health in check while you work from home. The expert’s advice draws on his experience of working in his own home and emphasizes the importance of staying fit while working at home, […]
15 Oct, 2020

Tips To Stay Happy And Combat Sadness

Daily relaxation practices can help to reduce stress and promote feelings of joy and well-being. Invent some things you can do to get your mood up quickly and implement some of these ideas every day, even if you feel good about yourself. It not only relieves the symptoms of depression but can also help you […]
14 Oct, 2020

How To Meditate Effectively And Focus Better

Meditation is and what it is all about: meditation focuses on attention, gaining consciousness, and observing the experience without judgment. When we meditate, we can focus on meditation techniques such as sitting, walking, or focusing our attention back on ourselves. However, when we work with our minds, attention is not focused on the simple task […]
14 Oct, 2020

How To Manage Your Sleep Problems

If you are wide awake at 3 a.m., it can seem like an impossible goal to have a good night’s sleep. How you feel after waking up in that hour often depends on how well you slept that night, and the cure for your sleep problems can usually be found in your daily routine. Since […]
14 Oct, 2020

How To Lose Weight Very Fast

While our culture typically leads us to believe that there are numerous quick ways to lose weight, this is skewed and can lead to short-term water weight loss. Some of the fastest ways I have lost weight involve dieting and other unsustainable measures that make me destitute, moody and hungry. Of course, losing weight means […]