Moving Forward From Redundancy

Here are some essential steps to help you get over the redundancy process and your career’s next step. I was made redundant because of a change of focus and, although I consider this to be very skilful, it is not a disgrace to be made redundant. That is why I say that you can take many measures if you take a significant problem personally. Thinking like this can help more than if you whine at your colleagues, your friends and family.

If your company offers you some kind of free redundancy support, take it and let it work for you, even if it’s only for a short time. You may remember a job in your life where you worked very hard all your life and received a letter that you had to leave only because of personal choice or circumstances. 

In recent years redundancy has become more important and has become a reality for many people. Companies are increasingly being bought out or reorganized as compensation, and companies are collapsing and being made redundant several times in people’s working lives. This is somewhat strange also, as many people change jobs every three years out of boredom or redundancy. 

The more you don’t know if you can secure a new job as quickly as you want, the more pressure you will lose yourself. There is no doubt that it is worrying if there is no backup plan, but there are many other reasons for this, such as the lack of a job protection system. 

Overcoming redundancy can often be a challenging task, full of uncertainty and great fear. Being thrown out is terrifying at first glance, and dealing with the situation is a challenge for most people. Redundancy can be challenging, so it’s essential to process everything and take positive steps towards your next role with the right balance of support and planning. 

If you know how much compensation you are entitled to and how long the notice period is, for example, you can rebalance and create clarity that will take you forward.

This information should be readily available to you and your employer. Still, the Government’s official website is also an excellent place to determine if you feel an impartial source is needed or if you would prefer to find it yourself. Finding yourself and moving on is never easy, but it is doable, and the good news is that the right attitude and job – finding strategy – should give you the best possible chance to get your career back on track. 

After dismissal, we must take the time to take stock and think in practical terms. There is nothing to be ashamed of because most people will have experienced firsthand how they were made redundant. Saying goodbye to redundancy means finding a job as quickly as possible and getting away from redundancy. 

Redundancy can also affect our mental state, so it is essential to think about the current situation and then plan. Working out what is really happening in your life – redundancy allows you to continue your long-term career planning and take into account the initial anxiety that comes with such a significant change in life. By working out your goals for your career and plans, as well as your expectations for yourself and your family, you can overcome all the initial fears associated with significant changes in your lives. 

Forget the past behind and look to the future with optimism, both for your next job and for yourself and your family. This will help boost your self-confidence and encourage you to seek a job actively and not settle down until you have found the job you dream of. Don’t let that stop you from your dream if you have been laid off from your job. While most of us can expect to be laid off at some point in our careers, life in the line of fire doesn’t make it any easier. As the country remains in recession, many organisations have been forced to downsize, and nowadays, there is no such thing as a job without a life. 

Job loss is life-changing, and many people struggle with themselves, especially if it is their first or second job in a long time. It is normal to feel insecure, anxious when dealing with job losses. 

But you can use this as an opportunity to burnish your resume and promote your mental well-being, as well as working on your self – esteem and mental health.